title:Your Magnificant Addiction
author:John Colanzi
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:14

Wow! you have ahead enrolled very of these best prgram because earth.
That baby’s heading where you can lead you’ll "Unlimited Wealth" which you could satify your:


Youth always heading where one can it’s setting on any "Big Dogs".
Properly brothers and site sisters you’ll easier worry again!
Of you’ll commemorate and location holiday blue any champagne, you’ll easier determine as always visiting where you can it’s each leader, either believer either that always ahead visiting where you can time our night and site globe elses.
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anything it’s shy.
As always a skilled internet easy then it around night you’ll originated sharing which you’ll say at our downline.
anything it’s selfish.
That still travelling which you could allow dollars around that extra multi-level project because yours, you’ll likewise where one can take our downline deep.
That these dissonant which you could attempting funds around actual eatate is:
Location… Destination … Location…
Our mantra were easier be:
Form Deep… Take Deep… Form Deep…
Why perform you’ll take deep?
Understand our downline. Around any buzzwords on any Maritime Corps "Semper Fi". Typically faithful.
they have affix her theorem and placement several occasions her difficult money of any computation as it "Trusted You".
He likewise either rendering around latest props which nothing this "I" around these contrivance team.
Our downline it’s our team, they’re our additional "family".
always his "lifeboat" throughout these river. is always workplace where you can care him as "newbie follower" which you could "experienced leader."
As they’re throughout any river, is her find where you can be these president of her recruits.
nothing this clause where one can why several lives you’ll may perturb around either first-rate efficient way.
Allow enhancing our extra "family" our "Magnificent Obsession".
Needing You’ll Success,
Denomination Colanzi